The History of MAG 104

How it was born

MAG 104 was born from a lifelong friendship, that of Federico and Alexander, who, since childhood, have distinguished themselves for their desire to do things, spirit of initiative and a strong passion: that for sneakers and streetwear clothing.

Thanks to this passion, today Mag104 has become one of the reference stores of streetwear in Italy, boasting a wide range of products in the assortment.

Vision and mission

MAY 104

We believe that the future is innovation, experimentation with new ideas and concepts.
We want the removal of intergenerational barriers to come to life from Mag104 through the proposal of innovative concepts.

Our Store

In 2019, MAG104 chooses Ivrea for the opening of its first store, located in Corso Cavour 32, in the heart of the historic center of the town of Naeporediese. A historic building is the setting for a 250 m2 location in minimal industrial style. A concept designed to combine the passion for the classic with modern minimalism, with more than 200 sneaker models displayed on the wall, dedicated to the retro-running world for men and women. There are many limited editions. The strong point is a complete corner dedicated to the display of our personal collection of Nike x Off-White, Yeezy Boost and Supreme.


Corso Cavour, 32
10015 Ivrea TO

Friday - Saturday, 10-12.30 am - 3.30-7.30 pm

Sunday and Monday, 3.30pm - 7.30pm

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